Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's after P90X... Enter the Kettlebell

Being the lazy blogger that I am, I haven't told you what my exercise life holds for me after P90X. During the last month of P90X I started to wonder what I'd be doing next. There was another round of P90X, P90X+, an upcoming workout called Insanity, or something totally different. I looked around for what others had done after P90X and something in the "totally different" popped up.... kettlebells.

What was a kettlebell and how did you workout with one, I wondered. I had heard of them before and as it turns out had even seen them. They were this weird "cannonball with a handle on it" I had seen old time strong men using as well as lurking in the background when seeing Russian military on TV.

Since kettlebells looked like they could seriously hurt the family jewels, I looked for some expert training. That training came in the form of Zar Horton a RKC Team Leader at Firebellz. So back on May 26 I took my first kettlebell training with Zar. I was amazed at how fast they got my heart going and I could see they would help strengthen my back and hips (something I need due to an old injury), provide overall strength with compound movments, and provide some serious cardio. I had thought I was all bad-ass from P90X but learned there was further I could go.

So during the last month of P90X, I added on some kettlebell workouts - the "Program Minimum" from the kettlebell book "Enter the Kettlebell". After P90X, I started going to a kettlebell bootcamp at Firebellz Tuesday and Thursday and doing the "Rite of Passage" workouts from "Enter the Kettlebell". Most of my workouts are 45 min to an hour and burn around 500 to 900 calories (one weekend 2hr workout burned 1500+).

I'm having a good time and planning on going to some kettlebell teacher training - the new HKC from Dragon Door. Soon I'll post my training log and explain some of my workouts.


  1. Checkout the kettlebell videos from Art of Strength. Great workalong vids like p90X, but with kettlebells. The 3 I like the best are AOS:Providence, AOS: Firepower:, and AOS:Newport. They are fantastic! Give it a shot if you're still doing kettlebells

  2. Yeah, kettlebell training isn't as far along in the 'fun' department as some other forms of exercise are. When someone finally learns to market kettlebells to people who like hype-filled p90x-style infomercials, they'll take off like wildfire.