Sunday, April 12, 2009

P90X Day 1 Complete

This morning I completed my first P90X workout - Chest & Back plus the Ab Ripper X. The variations on push-ups were fine (I need to do more) but the pull-ups, as I expected, kicked my butt. Not sure if I was doing them right and maybe the pull up tower I purchased isn't right for this program as it doesn't have a straight bar going all the way across. Maybe I need to get another tower since I don't have an appropriate door in the room I'm using (and don't really want to drill holes in my walls).

The Ab Ripper X program really was hard for me as well. While I was able to do the P90 ab program this one has some moves that I'm not sure I'm doing right and put a little more strain on my back than I'd like. Fortunately no back pain has resulted and it might just be a matter of getting practice with the exercises.

My biggest difficulty today has been food. I'm supposed to eat 2400 calories on the phase 1 of the P90X program split 50% protein, 30% carbohydrates, and 20% fat. My previous diet (which was less food than my body needed I'm sure) got me used to something closer to 1600-1800 calories of mostly protein. When I'm conscious of how I eat, I try very hard to adhere to a low/good-carb and low gylcemic lifestyle; I'm not a diabetic but that way of eating makes sense to me as it seems closer in-line with how our bodies were designed.

I'm ready for bed and have only consumed roughly 1800 calories (at least very close to the right proportions). Maybe I'll grab a protein drink (180 calories) before bed but I hate eating so late - tomorrow I'll try to eat at least 400 calories with each of 5 meals.

So far I like P90X. The exercises are great and this is the first time (other than while in the military and P90) that I've done mostly body weight workouts. The energy level of the workout cast is high and Tony is a good motivator. As an added bonus the music is oh so much better than P90.

Right now I'm sharing my workouts as a google document available for anyone to view.

I'll be back tomorrow for pylometrics (jumping around like a crazy man from what I understand).

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