Wednesday, April 15, 2009

P90X Day 4: YogaX Rocks!

Today I experienced YogaX for the first time. The workout is simply awesome. I love Bikram's Yoga (hatha yoga, 22 poses, performed in a hot and humid room). Someday maybe I'll be able to attend the Bikram teacher training, but time, schedules, and cost (not to mention spending 9 weeks away from family) make that difficult at best. Right now I'd settle for going back to the studio once a week... maybe after the first week of P90X I can start making it to the Sunday morning class.

I didn't sweat as much with YogaX but it did bring a great workout and had some poses I've never done before. I'll give this routine an A++.

Another first today was giving the recovery drink a try. I was a little concerned by the sugars and carbs (4:1 carb to protein ratio) but I didn't get the sickening sugar buzz I dreaded. Instead I felt energized and bounced back - we shall see if that feeling continues and helps in future workouts.

My day started with Shakeology for breakfast, 45 min rest (doing morning chores), then the 90 min yoga workout, a recovery drink, 1.5 hrs of work, and then the peanut butter oatmeal second breakfast. I had enough energy to walk 6 miles while working (at 1.2 mph) and a little energy left over at the end of the day.

Consumed 2248 calories 24% fat, 28% carbohydrates, and 48% protien. Very close to the recommendations. We shall see how this works out for me over the next 30 days. I still feel like I almost have to force myself to eat sometimes and I'm almost never hungry (was getting hungry before second breakfast). I'll trust in the diet for now until at least the first weigh in - after that I'll re-evaluate since I'd rather not feel stuffed any more than starving.

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