Friday, April 17, 2009

P90X Day 6: KempoX or Revenge of the Legs

Today was the "last" day in this week's cycle (tomorrow is X Stretch so hopefully nice and healing). KempoX was a good workout with a bunch of kicks and punches and some combinations. The only flaw of this workout was a lack of warm-up as it goes immediately into some dynamic and static stretches. I had to stop and jog in place and do some jumping jacks to get ready early in the morning.

The leg workout from yesterday made it's presence known throughout the entire workout. I could feel the muscles in my legs and butt complaining during the kicks and knees. But is was the good pain of the kinks from yesterday working themselves out. Also walked 4.5 miles while working; my after workout break in a chair really should be cut short.

Still sorting through my diet. I'm hitting the guidelines for the most part 1888 calories 47% protien, 27% carbs, 26% fat. This is still under the recommended 2400 calories but still I feel I'm stuffing myself (sometimes to the point of discomfort) and the percentages are a little off.

The diet would have me keep to 20% fat but I'm not one in the camp that fat is bad and most of my fats are good ones from avacado, olive oil, and flax seeds (sure some from beef but less than 1/4 the fat I take in is saturated and never trans). The carb intake is hard to keep down given the sugars in the recovery drink (which is expected and desired).

Be back tomorrow after my X Stretch and a week recap. My weekly weigh in is first thing in the morning (weighing yourself more often can lead to madness). So far I'm loving the workout. I'm a little tired and sore but no pains (for some reason my back soreness from P90 went away after pylo). The only complaint is the gastrointestinal distress at eating much more than I'm used to anymore.

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