Saturday, April 25, 2009

P90X Week 2 Complete

I finished my second week of P90X with no missed days. I'm doing much better balancing my diet to the proscribed micro-nutrient balances. My scale says I lost .5 lbs (172 even) and 2% body fat (16%); not sure I believe the scale but we shall see in 30 days. Here is my weekly eating summary:


The workouts went well this week. I was able to push harder as I knew what was coming. Even the lack of a pull up bar didn't stop me as I have bands to use in a pinch. My lack of pull up bar was solved today as I assembled my new tower - this time is has a straight bar that goes all the way across - we will see how it works out tomorrow for Chest and Back. I'll keep the bands poised as they will help me work the muscles to exhaustion.

I love the whole program and really feel like my muscles are getting a great workout. I now have a continuous heart monitor to make sure I push hard on the cardio workouts. Yoga X remains my favorite day - a good streatch along with a great workout. I can't imagine why people hate or skip yoga. The streach helps you heal overworked muscles, yoga helps realign you body to heal and reduce chances at injury, and it is a serious workout. Some of the most impressive (balanced with strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance) physiques I've seen have been on people that practice yoga.

During the week I've tried a few protein bars and some new recipes:
  • Cottage Cheese Pancake - I mixed equal parts of cottage cheese and egg whites with some whey protein to make something to eat before going to bed. Needed some protein that takes a while to digest overnight.
  • Chocolate Gold Standard 100% Casein - Another overnight slow acting protein experiment. Not much fat or carbs. Tastes ok, but has a strange flavor in there.
  • Chocolate Syntha-6 - A mixed protien powder that was recommended to me. Has fiber and tastes good but maybe a bit too much in the way of carbohydrates.
  • Detour Lean Muscle - Tasty and a good mix of protein, carbohydrates, low sugar, the right kind of fat, and fiber. It is quite had to find a bar that meets this profile - they all seem to have too much sugar, no fiber, too much fat, etc. I'd love Zone bars if they weren't mostly sugar.
  • Detour Oatmeal Bar - More carbohydrates than it's lean bother, but should make a good after workout meal instead of oatmeal in a pinch.
  • ZeroImpact Meal Replacement Bar - A bit dry (keep a glass of water handy) but tasty and has an awesome protein, fiber, carbohydrate, fat, and fiber profile. The most impressive thing about the bar was that the ingredient list didn't look like a chemistry exam and they claim a zero glycemic impact. I'm considereing giving their whole line a try sometime - they seem to be putting together a diet program but the site has some dead pages. Wonder how they would work with P90X.
  • Mixed a frozen bananna and skim milk in with my chococolate Shakeology and it was good. Shakeology is my pre-workout breakfast before doing chores. It isn't exactly pure chocolate goodness a bit of a greens shake flavor that is pretty strong. I'll give the greenberry flavor a try next month.
The reason for this shopping is that I'm taking a trip to New Jersey for work from Monday - Wednesday night next week. Somehow I need to keep up my right eating while on the road. Doing the workouts should work as I have a set of bands, use my computer to play the DVDs, and plan to do my workouts in the morning.

The protien powders are a bit of a stop-gap measure to help me keep up the protien requirements without adding much fat. I'm looking at recipies and making more chicken breast to reduce the dependency. I'd like to go mostly natural whole foods if I can... doing some nutritional reading and planning some meals. Not that it would work out on the road though.


  1. I see you really into having a well balance diet and pushing harder on your work out routines. Pretty much you'll be having a body that everyone desires.

  2. Congratulations for a workout well done. I hope my boy's workout will work well too.

    He's been doing sit ups, barbells and lots of things. He is very busy exercising so I hope his investments won't come out badly.

  3. You've done it well my friend.

    I hope mine would come out as well as yours.
    I am looking and waiting for a great result.