Tuesday, April 14, 2009

P90X Day 3 Shoulder and Arms

Today was a good day. The workout this morning hit shoulders, biceps, and triceps in 5 "sets" of 3 exercises with each set repeated twice. I certainly could feel the burn, even with pacing myself and fumbling around with the new workout routine.

I was also able to hit the dietary requirements almost head on. My breakdown of 2019 calories was 51% protein, 26% carbs, and 23% fat. A little short on calories and off on the percentages a tad but I'm pretty stuffed. I'm drinking a ton of protein as well as eating a pile of food - 4 cups of broccoli in one day sets a personal record I'm sure.

Tomorrow I'm going to give the P90X recovery drink a try (it just arrived today). I'm a little concerned about the sugar content in it. The recovery drink plus shakeology in the morning are just about the entire amount of sugars I ingested today. I try very hard to avoid much in the way of sugars; at least the ones in those two drinks are fructose which has a lower glycemic impact than most and are all natural. Maybe I'll move the shakeolgy to lunch and have something else for breakfast. But I suppose putting most of my sugars before and after my workout gets them burnt out as extra energy rather than lurking around in my system.

We shall see how I feel tomorrow. Dying to know what effect this eating is having on my weight but I try hard to only weigh myself once a week so that will wait until Saturday.

I don't plan to blog every day forever. Once my initial week is over, I'll likely only blog at the end of each week and when something interesting comes up. I do plan on reviewing some of the low-carb/all natural products (well at least I understand almost everything on the ingredient list) I've been enjoying from Dixie Diners their brownies were quite the hit at my game table Saturday.

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